It just gets busier

It has become so busy on my GP rotation that i have reached the point where i came home dead exhausted and collapsed on the couch, late enough to miss BJJ training, and so unmotivated to study that i switched the television on and started putting some of the money we generously donate to pay TV for the past few years, to good use. The sad truth was i was so tired i did not even enjoy the programmes that were on and was just too devoid of energy to drag myself to bed.

The next morning, it was up and go again. This week has been one of the busiest i have ever encountered. I know i keep saying that this week is one of the busiest ever, but each week always surpasses the other in terms of intensity. Is there no cap to the limit? This weekend will be the epitome of insanity i think. We are organizing a function to celebrate the end of the soccer season tomorrow and i will be up and early to help prepare the food for the afternoon. Apparently we should be expecting a large turnout. We bought 20kg of ribs, 10kg of some other meat, 5kg of rice and 3kg of salad. How many people does that feed? I honestly have no idea. Then i would have to leave slightly early to do my regular voluntary work at a men’s crisis accommodation centre before returning for our futsal match. It is a bit of a madness this week. Next weekend will only be marginally better. Hah.

I have not been practicing my flute or revising my languages the past week and a half. I tried, but honestly i did not have the time. I expected the worse when i went for my flute lesson today. I could not reach the high octaves and i was really apologetic about it. But as we came to the closing piece for the lesson, all with high notes (just staring at the score made my eyes bulged in disbelief), something happened. I went through the piece quite smoothly. In fact, after the first three bars of well-placed high notes, my teacher who was accompanying on the piano had to stifle a gasp of amazement (of course i had to stop playing because i could not stop laughing). So there. I have not been keeping up with my journal readings nor have i had time to do adequate studying to keep up with the semester. I just don’t know what to do anymore. Now, i have to do my Japanese homework, take the dog for a run, attend church, go for my Japanese lesson, and then come home and crash early because tomorrow is a big day. I am shocked of my own schedule at times. This also makes me wonder how i will ever settle down to have a family if i am so accustomed to being on the go, but that is a can of worms we shall not open today.

Anyway, on one of the mornings, the dog who has been superb (*raps hard on wood because i am superstitious*) was just waiting patiently in the sun room as i bustled around trying to get various documents in order. I saw her and my heart just melted; she was just so beautiful, this dog. I know i may be biased, but i don’t care. I had to stop and take a photo of her and pat her.

Waiting patiently for me to get my shit together.

Had to take a closer shot – her eyes were just so human or maybe i am just reading them the way i want.

The knowing look of amusement as i try not to get a meltdown in the morning.


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