Can you guess what i had for lunch yesterday?

I try very hard to eat in local cafes to support the community, but man, it gets tough sometimes.

What in the world is this? It cost me $10 by the way.

Fortunately, i am not a very fussy eater and will usually eat what is in front of me (unless it is a bowl of fresh salad, then i will put my foot down).

I ordered the in-house pasta (the only hot dish they have only anyhow). They gave me this bowl of gnocchi in pureed vegetable paste? There was no meat (no bacon, ham or seafood) and aside from the few cheery tomatoes they tossed in (i hate tomatoes), that was about it.


Once bitten twice shy. Ain’t going back to that cafe. Maybe there is a reason why some of these small cafes are closing down at such a rapid rate – second rate food and not fantastic service either. It is usually the oldies or the odd unsuspecting sould that frequent these places.


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