Because the housemate is still using the bathroom…

(it happens when we both have the same start times and the bathroom is constantly occupied)

The team's laundry.

The soccer season came to an end, and i volunteered to wash the jerseys for the team. We take turns. So there you are, hogging my clothes rack, praying desperately they will dry soon because i have a whole basket of my own laundry to do. I don’t have a dryer, and i do not believe in using one. Why pay for electricity when there is free solar energy?

See the odd shirt out? The green one? That’s my new futsal team shirt. A few of my soccer teammates and i decided to play futsal in the off-soccer season – they because they enjoy the game, and me because i need to work on my skills. So yay, works out well.

Now i need to rush or i will miss the train.


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