It has been two months since i have been able to find the time (and motivation) to manage my finances. Today i decided to sit down and get my accounts in order because i have noticed that i am over-spending (this is what happens when i do not organize my money in separate accounts) and also from past experiences, if i leave my finances long enough; sorting them later on will be a nightmare. I have a late start today, but guess what? The bank i am with is encountering difficulties in their server or something along that line. I can’t access my account. I mean the page loads, but it takes 5 minutes. Will you trust the server enough to make transactions? Argh. I do not know when i have time next to deal with this shit. And there are bills to be paid. I am so annoyed. This happens too often with my plans – after meticulous planning and cajoling on my part to do something; another issue out of my control will arise. Sigh.


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