I did not end up taking the dog to work with me. The plumber was done with the clogged pipe pretty quickly. He took out his assembly of tools that i have no names for, but certainly more formidable than the hospital-grade bleach i had in my arsenal of weapons.

Coils of steel wirings

Cement mixer-looking kind of thing

He used the cement mixer-looking kind of thing to force feed the coils of steel wiring into the pipe – i assume to manually dislodge the obstruction somewhere under my backyard. Also note the streams of white patches running on the ground – courtesy of the half a bottle of bleach i chucked into the pipe which was completely useless, other than to stain the ground. I could have taken a photo of the plumber at work but i think that would have been too weird-arsed if the plumber noticed.

Anyway the verdict was that tree roots were causing the underground pipe to block off. I was a little confused. I thought pipes were made of steel, so how did tree roots manage to get into the pipe? You know what the plumber did?

“It’s tree roots.”

“Ok…so what should i do to prevent this problem from happening again?”

“Nothing. I just added poison to poison the roots.”

I stared at him.

“You poisoned the roots? Which means one of the trees in the backyard may fall over?”

Already i was imaging one of the massive trees toppling over my fence, creating yet more problems for me. The plumber hesitated; i think this never occurred to him.

“I guess i should be informing my gardener i suppose,” i muttered to myself.

Why do we fix one problem and create another? Sigh.

Eeny meenie miney mo

Which of these trees do you reckon will fall over? I hope i have moved out by then. Anyway, the fact they survived the storm last night is a good prognostic sign for me.


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