I need a plumber

A pipe at the back of my house has clogged up. For some reason, i was expecting this to happen sooner or later, not sure why but anyway when it did, i was not too surprised. What i was not expecting was for the dog to be pawing at it and having a go at it because of its clearly distinct and attractive odour to my canine companion. So i did what i assume most people would do – pour half a bottle of disinfectant down the pipe hoping that it would break up whatever that is causing the obstruction and all my troubles will go away. Anyway i got too busy after having to find the bottle of disinfectant and a wooden stick to probe uselessly into the pipe, so i left it for two days.

This morning, when i put the dog out so i could rush off to work, i realized to my horror, that the dog’s bowl had been shot out of its place (the dog’s water bowl sits right on top of the entrance of the pipe) and sewage had overflowed down the cemented surface of my backyard. The cement was bleached a bright white thanks to the disinfectant (clearly did not do the job i wanted it to) and muck was just bubbling. I could do nothing about it. The dog gave me a i-told-you-so expression – she must have known this for ages and the poor dog had to drink her water on top of the stink.

I rushed off to clinics where i found some time to call the agent and she said it was an emergency and the plumber will be there shortly. I protested – how the hell am i suppose to scoot off in the middle of my clinics? Plus the housemate is working in the hospital too. In the end, with a stroke of divine intervention, the plumber could come during my lunch break which was mercifully 2.5hours long today due to a break in the GP’s routines (i did not have a lunch break yesterday and will only have a 30 minute one tomorrow). So i sped back home and now the plumber is here meddling around in the backyard. I hung around to observe what he was doing out of curiosity but it soon grew clear that things will go a-flying and splattering around. Since i am due back at the clinic in the afternoon, i can’t afford to mess up my attire.

The clogged pipe is actually worse than i thought. Whilst i was cleaning up the yard before the plumber came, i realized that there were pools of water at the back of the yard, no doubt from the same damn pipe.

Anyway, i think the plumber is going to take longer than i expect. At this rate, i may have to take the dog to work with me, and leave her in the car for a few hours whilst i am in the clinic. There is no way i can leave the dog in the backyard whilst the plumber is focusing on his work. She is going to sneak out of the gate and be gone. Argh.

Update here – Verdict: Tree roots.


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