All i am waiting for to prove me right…

is a bulge.

Yes. I have been having niggling discomfort in my right inguinal region, predominantly around the femoral canal. This happened a few weeks ago and so far the discomfort is not going away. I remember vaguely straining myself doing some physical activity. Anyway i have been pretty careful trying to ensure that i do not exert too much pressure in that area but it gets kind of tough when i am grappling on the mats during BJJ training. Maybe another reason is because i am sparring with guys two to three times my weight and i could easily pulled the same muscle again and again.

Nevertheless, i have been bracing myself for the sharp acute pain if i do get a hernia and it become incarcerated.  And because i have nothing better to do, i started extrapolating my thoughts. If i do get an excruciating hernia, which hospital should i go to? Seems like i will know someone or another in most of the hospitals, and i am really not inclined to meet any of them. Worse, i may meet fellow medical students or junior medical students who want to take a history from me and palpate my tender abdomen to see a very interesting physical sign for irreducible hernias. So all these factors are doing really well in motivating me to make sure i don’t develop a hernia. Not now, not ever.


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