A new watch a year

Does anyone go through their watches as fast as i do? I seem to damage one watch a year; it’s starting to be quite expensive.

For no rhyme or reason, this is what happens:

How did moisture get in there??

A close up:

The amazing thing is the watch still works!

Should i just bite the bullet and invest in a really expensive watch from a more reputable brand? G-shock and Casios do not seem to last very long. Maybe i should look into Timex; after all they are used in Ironman marathons, aren’t they?

On other news, today was the last soccer match of the season. I find it ironic that at the start of the season, i was playing at the back of the field, as goalkeeper. Through the season, i was progressively shuffled forward and today in my final game, i was playing as striker. Some of you may think it is a good thing, but of all the positions that i hate on the field; the striker has to take the cake. I am a defensive player; it is just no good to put me at the head of the field. My teammates all know how much i detest that position and how much i will fumble so they all could not help but chuckle when the team layout was announced. This is the fundamental problem with the coach. He does things without thinking. Clearly he has our best interests at heart; but he sorely lacks the skills of reading the team dynamics, boosting our morale and inspiring the players. There was a week he gave us a pep talk that to be brutally honest, was really meant for 13 to 15 year olds. The average age of my teammates is in the late twenties. I could not help but cringe as he went on his speech which he probably lifted off some website he googled.

Also i have been benched one too many times and for too long per game. It does eat me because i am taking my Sundays off for this league. I have better things to do such as volunteering at the RSPCA. The worst thing was players who were not turning up for training, were allowed to play whilst i have to sit out. I tolerated this for a while but today i asked to play in the last few minutes of the game. He said no. I asked why, and he said i have already played half a game. When i stated that i have been to all the training sessions, he gave me some non-committal sounds as answers. I can get upset about it or i can just shrug and move on. I am seriously re-considering my decision to commit to the team for the next season. A few of my teammates believe that this warrant a discussion with the coach but i am not holding out much hope. Something makes me feel that this coach is treating me the way he is because unlike some of the other players; i do not make a fuss and i accept his decisions no matter how wrong they are. But i think he mistook my silence as consent for treating me a like doormat. Silence on my part does not indicate agreement; it just means i am giving him the respect as my coach. He has lost my respect, and i am not going to be kind anymore. Why do people behave better when they are treated unkindly? I don’t fucking understand this concept.

Anyway, it does not matter. Like i said before, i do not mind turning up for trainings and not play in games, as long as i am not expected to turn up for the games just in case we need a substitute. My time is precious and is not meant for time-wasters like this dude. Plus i have just discovered new activities (what’s new? haha) that can allow me to indulge in soccer without having to pander up to a moronic coach.

Exciting times lie ahead. Heh. But i have to mention this – i do not regret joining this team. Some of my teammates are fantastic people (not just players) and i have learnt a lot in the process. They are good people and that’s why i am willing to stay and train without playing in games.


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