Unexpectedly, i had the whole day free today – that means, no lessons to attend and no appointments lined up. I wanted to sleep in but found i could not. I was up by 7.45am; and because i was obstinate about sleeping in, i let the dog in and went straight back to bed, alternating between semi-consciousness and the awareness that the time i was wasting could be put to better use by studying.

Anyway, with the free time (actually i had a flute lesson which i canceled because i was caught up in a ridiculous traffic jam that resembled a peak hour traffic on weekday morning – i was appalled and trapped for twenty minutes – what the commotion was, i never found out; and i postponed my Japanese lesson to tomorrow because my soccer teammate MAY want to go out for drinks), i went to collect my copy of The Art of Tim Burton which i had pre-ordered a few weeks back when i went for the exhibition during my study break. I love the exhibition; i never knew Tim Burton made the animation for Mars Attack. It was cool to see the drawings he made in his formative years and in his free time, on napkins and hotel notepads.

The Batman car that welcomed us at the entrance of the Tim Burton's exhibition.

It was cool to see the car that dominated the cartoons in my younger days, in the flesh.

I also went to an art exhibition where i finally had an introduction to the different eras – Modernism, Realist, Impressionalist, Neo-Classical – and now have a vague idea of what each represents. Previously, i had no clue and paintings to me were simply categorized into scenery, portraits, and abstract (think: anything else that i can’t decipher). I bought a catalog and an art print of The Jealous Lioness by the German painter, Paul Meyerheim. It is a rather intriguing painting.

The jealous lioness

But the most engaging exhibition that i have been to this year (i have already been to four! To think that at the start of the year, with my busy schedule, i actually despaired that i will not have the time to visit any exhibits) was the one i went to this afternoon. It was the last day of the exhibition so i was fortunate. It was the kind of exhibition that i read about in my Frame magazine – really artsy and abstract and full of environmental messages. There was only one other person at the exhibition, so my first impression was Geez, is it this bad? The first part was a bit perplexing. I saw loads of images but didn’t quite get their meanings or the artist’s intentions. The highlight was located in the next space.

There was an exhibit with several rows of matchboxes with little people in them. These figures were made from gum; chewing gum that the artist had salvaged from under desks, on floors and in elevators around his campus. Gum that had undergone mastication by unknown teeth and mixed with mircobes-laden saliva. Eeks. But he made such cute figures with them! His message? His exhibit will last a lifetime because gum is latex just like our tyres; we need to clean up our act. Wow.

The other installation was a glass bottle with a written note and a photography of the message in a bottle in different parts of the world. Basically, the artist had invited audiences to take home one of the small glass bottles and a package addressed to her, and to write the date and time and the place wherever the member of the public chose to take the bottle to. After that, the photo and the bottle will be sent back to her and she would exhibit them. From the bottles and the photos, you get a brief glimpse of the people who walked through the exhibition space – bottles went to Japan, China, The Netherlands, Australia, and the USA; all over the world. It was fun to see the community spirit in play. Obviously the Housemate and i took one bottle each. I intend to take mine either to Japan or back to the Homeland before sending it to the artist.

Update: Anyway i just received a text from one of my teammates. Apparently we are meeting at 12am at a club. I was flabbergasted. I have never been a clubbing person, and have never understood the purpose of clubbing other than to get hooked, high or wasted; all of which i refuse to spend any of my precious time on. So i guess it will be an early night for me! 🙂


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