No meals to fret about


My order for home-delivered meals arrived today. The Housemate got home earlier than i did and saw the white styrofoam box outside our gate. There were no names on it and i forgot to let her know that i was expecting the delivery. She opened the box uneasily and peered at the contents – a plastic bag full of aluminum boxes. She left it out because she was worried and did not know what it was. It was amusing.

Although the packaging is non-discreet, the food is actually not bad. I had chow mein, although i was a bit surprised when i uncovered the meal. I was expecting fired noodles but it turned out to be rice and cabbage fried with mince. Despite the surprise, the food was actually quite good. The rice was soft and moist, the cabbage actually tasted a little Chinese. Hah. Certainly much better than the bowl of instant noodles i whip up for myself. I have to say that the portion is really quite big; or maybe i am no longer used to consuming large dinners since i have a tendency to skip the last meal out of laziness/exhaustion. Not sure whether it is a good thing now that i get to eat proper nutritious meals albeit more than my usual intake.

"Chow mein"


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