Good to eat

A friend came visiting for the Homeland today. Recent events have made me treasure close friends even more. Deep meaningful friendships are really hard to come by!

She was tasked with the mission of getting certain things for her colleague.

Guess what these are?

A slice of apple pie and a block of butter?

You will be forgiven if you got it wrong.

In actual fact, these are blocks of soap. Yes, you heard me right the first time. Soap in such brilliant packaging huh? You know how much these bars? slices? blocks? of soap cost? 500 grams each and $82.

Dear Lord, almost a hundred bucks for soap. Shit, i hope they have a good time in the bathtub.

My friend and i were reeling from the shock of such exorbitant purchases even as we exited from the shop that i had passed by innumerable times but never took notice of. We were struggling to break down the price in smaller normal consumer prices. Assuming that 1ml of soap is equivalent to one milligram of soap; then the soap we normally buy from the supermarket cost $8 per 500 grams. This soap costs $40. Does that put things into perspective now? Wow.


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