Food fest

Photos of my lunch and the recent birthday dinner (of friends’) that i attended. There is a reason to this, and no, i am not anorexic. I have been talking to my housemate and she was a bit taken aback that i have not had an FBE (Full Blood Examination) done in six years. Nor have i done renal, liver and thyroid function tests and i guess more pertinently, a cholesterol level on myself. I never had the opportunity to because i was never that sick to warrant bloods drawn for me; and despite being a healthcare professional, i am not that proactive in wanting bloods drawn from me either. Currently, my excuse is that i do not have a regular GP and i may be moving away from this neighbourhood in a few months so i don’t see the point in finding a GP in the local area. The other thing is that i will be graduating at the end of the year and next year i will be looking for private healthcare insurance. I am betting that all these tests will have to be done as part of the assessment; maybe it is even covered for, so why bother paying now right?

However, i have indeed noticed that my eating habits have once again slipped down a disastrous slope. I don’t eat unhealthy (i.e. junk food, fast food) but i certainly do not eat healthy either. The packets of instant noodles i consume weekly is staggering, and right now i am literally contemplating my mortality, wondering if i am having a death wish, increasing my risk of gastric cancer, what with the smoked sausages and preserved food. I think the highlight is that i seem to be getting diarrhea more frequently these days as if my gut is no longer strong enough to withstand rubbish, and that is worrying me a little. Anyway the point is, i have resumed ordering home-delivered meals. For those of you who do not know, i used to pay for weekly cooked food that has been frozen, and all i have to do is pop them into the microwave for a steaming hot dinner. Fast, efficient and painless. I am finding it a little difficult to juggle my commitments at the moment, hence the need to cut back on some of my chores. Clearly cooking does not rank high on my priority list. Plus i am fussy. I really only want Chinese food, and Chinese food takes a long time to prepare. Ordering is much faster.

I have been looking at the testimonials of the various companies offering such food services. The previous one i used was actually a diet company – i was not on a diet but it seems at that time, it was one of the rare ones that was offering such services. The number of companies providing home-delivered meals has increased since then; perhaps this is reflecting a trend in the lives of working professionals? Anyhow i realized that most of the testimonies came from nursing homes and aged care. My friends cracked up when they heard about it. My housemate even agreed that the company whose services i was going to engage is pretty reputable, because she overheard a patient giving it rave reviews. Grreat.

Better hot food than instant noodles though. And if it is healthy enough for geriatric patients, it is good enough for me. Hah.

And now, the gourmet food that i have been enjoying when i do get some time to hang out with friends.

Pasta for lunch today.

Pasta my friends had. For a relatively cheap price, this dish actually contained truffle!

The chilli kangkong i had for lunch on Saturday. Man i had a craving for this dish!

A birthday celebration at a Thai restaurant – a place we have not been to since second year of medical school!

Tom yum.

Thai green curry. Love the presentation of the dish.

Deep fried pig trotters. Wasn't as tasty as what the others claimed. Too dry and too oily!

Steamed fish. I have noticed how daring i have become in consuming fish - i usually fret about the bones and just abandon such an ordeal.

Excuse me now whilst i boil some instant noodles for dinner. My food delivery would probably not commence till next week!


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