Book shipment

The three Japanese children books i ordered many weeks ago, have finally arrived. I fear that i may actually take a decade to get through one of them. With Spanish, i progress through a paragraph a week. Every sentence has three bloody words that i need to look up. I was flipping through my Japanese novels and i realized that it has both kanji and hiragana, which means i have to flip through two dictionaries (a Kanji and a Hiragana one) to know what the hell i am reading. And my task is rendered more challenging because i can’t use an online dictionary for the Kanji characters – to be able to type the character, i must first know how to read it!

Oh and one of the books is so thick that a Chinese equivalent would probably have taken me a year to get through it. Any bets as to how long i will take to get through it? Apart from these limitations, i am actually quite excited. At least i am putting real effort in improving my languages. I think right now, i just need to figure out which combination of hiragana characters represents something.


Also, i saw a patient with small bowel obstruction today. I was on a roll, mentally ticking off the questions i wanted to ask him till i got interrupted again. The registrar told me the diagnosis (i think he thought he was giving me a hand) but really i just hit a wall and forgot all the questions i wanted to ask…just because i already know the diagnosis. It was quite frustrating. Never mind, next patient tomorrow!

As for soccer, i think i may be quitting the competition next year. Just that with my third head injury, i think i really need to take a step back and re-examine my priorities. My injuries are not serious (at least i don’t think so) but i am nursing dizziness and headaches; and i am really concerned now. The other reason is because i can’t deal with the pressure. The pressure makes me want to train harder, find a private coach and better myself, but then really what is the point? I am going to be a doctor, and am trying to get into surgery. What is all this fuss about soccer that is not even semi-professional? And that just sets the record straight for me. Perhaps i will work something out. But i do not really want to allocate three days a week to a sport. I can’t afford the time anymore. I am actually scaling back on my BJJ training to recover from my injuries, to study and to attend to my other commitments. I get more satisfaction from BJJ (when i am not pummeled to death yet) and less injuries, so really any donkey can tell which is the logical decision to go. I have got more tricks up my sleeve (as usual) but i will talk about them in time.

And i guess the main question is why am i so persistent in staying in a sport? Well, because i want to keep fit, and running on the treadmill does not do me any good.


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