Recently, one of my favourite ice-cream stores opened an outlet right in my neighbourhood. I was estatic, only because they are the rare ice-cream store that actually sells the bubblegum flavour. I think the only other time i ever tried this flavour was way back in Disneyland, over a decade ago. Last night, after a really long day at the hospital, the housemate and i decided that it was time for some ice-cream. I skipped BJJ training just to have ice-cream; go figure…

Could not wait to tuck into my ice-cream, hence a photo of a half-eaten one. Aha.

Been incredibly exhausted. I am not sure why. Yesterday i was almost late to the hospital. My housemate and i planned to go to the hospital in the morning, but i over-slept. Hell, i didn’t hear my alarm go off or the housemate waking up to take a shower or use her hairdryer. Ten minutes before we initially planned to leave (the housemate thought i decided to sleep in and skip my tutes), i heard her accidentally slam her door and i woke up. Saw the time, felt my heart lurched, cursed bright and early and went into panic mode. The rather bewildered dog was hurriedly let in, had her breakfast shoved in front of her, and soon found herself out of the house in a jiffy. I did not even have time to give her a pat. Miraculously, we caught the train and arrived twenty minutes early at the hospital. This morning again (though i had nothing on), i failed to hear the housemate leave the house. I am usually an incredibly light sleeper. Wow. I need to rid myself of this heavy exhaustion that is blanketing me.


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