Dog kennels

I have to replace the dog kennel soon. It is not falling apart but it is certainly getting a little scrappy. I am not even sure if it keeps the dog a hundred percent dry during storms. I thought i would get a new kennel when we move to a new place in November, but i changed my mind. I figured i let the dog get use to the new kennel before we move to a new house, so she does not have to adapt to too many unfamiliar elements at the same time.

The current one she is using was homemade by a tradesman or a carpenter. Not quite sure what his profession was. But anyway, i surfed the net, saw his range of kennels and just ordered two – a small one for my previous small dog, and a medium one for my current dog. In the end, they both love to snuggle together and squeeze into the smaller one.

Right, so i was surfing the net for similar wooden kennels. There are the commercial plastic and canvas ones, which did not look too sturdy to me, and certainly not comfortable in my opinion (not that the dog cares, i don’t think). I did not want a kennel that would be upended in strong winds (and trust me, we get some pretty strong winds around here. The windows rattle and the house shudders when the wind blows), so i preferred the traditional wooden ones. Plus, i like the idea of supporting homegrown carpenters. Unfortunately, after searching for over an hour, i am appalled at the severe lack of such kennels for sale. Whatever happened in the last four years?? The ones that i found were exorbitantly expensive. I remembered paying less than $150 for both kennels but now it costs more than that for just one. And i have to travel almighty far just to have a look at the kennels. To get them delivered would up the cost to close to $300??? Shit. That’s expensive.

Furthermore, i just reserved a month long stay at the dog boarding kennel for the dog this December when i head off for my graduation trip. With the addition of Lance (the injured budgie that rescued from three magpies), it would set me back by $600. God. Not funny.

Need to think about this rapid cashflow business.


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