I really need to get off the internet. I am literally glued to the screen – before i left for the hospital and after i came back, and then now again, after BJJ training. This is what happens when i don’t get my regular dose of internet for three weeks. It really screws up my time organization.

Anyhow, one of my ears was throbbing; i can’t remember which one now, but i did recall thinking to myself – Wow, compression of the external auditory canal can really impede hearing, like, i really can’t hear a damn thing kind of wow. Anyway, same story; male training partner goes all out and tries to dominate by using pain techniques. I feel the pain but it is bearable because God, i have a high pain threshold, and it gets him nowhere except made me really frustrated and annoyed. So then the next bout of grappling, i did not even bother to resist; just let him do whatever he wanted, and this time though, i managed to flip him and pin him down when i saw the opportunity. And it will be pretty evident that i do not want to train with him anymore because when it is sparring time, i will ignore him, and it works because true male ego will prevent them from asking a girl to fight. Good. I am here to enjoy myself and keep fit; not get hurt.

On the other note, i think i really am stronger than most girls. I actually took out two ankles in my last soccer match – that is injured the ankles of two of my opponent players. The first one – the other team was awarded a free kick for an apparent tackle by me. My teammate and i merely exchanged puzzled looks. I don’t go for tackles unless it is a slide, and i doubt i will do another slide tackle in a very long time. But i do know that when other players challenge me, i tend to hold my ground, and they tend to get the real short end of the stick. I suppose it always looks like i am the culprit. I am used to it. The strong always cop the heat when the weaker is injured – it is just a funny way of society functioning because evolution certainly never made it this way. But the second time round, i think the referee finally realized that i was not actively tackling anyone; rather my opponents were running straight into me and hurting themselves in the process. And i never help anyone up by the way, because it will just promote the apparent guiltiness on my part. I just walk away from the fallen players and ask them how they are later on in the game.

Lastly, i just bought the lonely planet guide for Japan. I am planning a 3 week graduation trip to Japan with a high school close friend, and then probably heading back to the Homeland to spend New Year, before starting work proper next year. Will be exciting.


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