My internet is back

I was without an internet for the past one week. I think it was a little longer than that, but i was feeling the loss more acutely in the past week, because my semester started and i really needed to use the internet to get some work done. So, after tinkering with my router (and almost coming to the conclusion that the router was coming to the end of its shelf life after four years of continuous hard service despite the lights still glowing brightly) and painstakingly following each cable to their respective connections to make sure nothing was messed up; i finally called the service provider in much frustration. Also i was starting to think that somehow we managed to exceed our 12GB limit. I was right. Except, there was no way in hell we were the ones using our limit. The three weeks of holidays saw the Housemate and I reading books, watching DVDs and going out for exhibitions. We were hardly on the internet. There was a possibility that we were hacked; and i have no clue how we should go about dealing with this.

Anyway, i was mortified after this incident. There is no way i can survive through days without a reliable internet connection. I had to use the shared computers in the hospital where there is no privacy, and worse the administrator is a strong fan of the old version of Internet Explorer, so no tabs, but loads and loads of windows. Highly annoying. And of course, i can’t blog because i want to preserve my anonymity. Oh yes, i forgot to mention, i had to revert to the old-fashioned method of flipping through my thick dictionary instead of having instant results on an online dictionary when i was completing my Spanish homework. A-maz-ing.

I had a look at the other data plans provided by the internet company i was under and realized how obselete my own plan was. It was so outdated, they were no longer offering it. In fact, the new plans they offered, were faster, cheaper and had a higher limit! My plan (which they of course, kindly opted not to let me know that i was over-paying) was costlier than the most expensive plan they were currently offering. Unbelievable. So of course, we went on the best plan on offer – more than 4x the limit (50Gb), twice the speed, and 10 bucks cheaper. As for the potential hack, i am willing to share part of the 50Gb with him/her since we barely scrape through 5Gb a month anyway, as long as i do not suffer using a slow internet again. If not, there’s going to be hell to pay. I may escalate the matter and make a complaint to my internet provider, and seek legal help.

Anyway, there are a lot more things to update, but i need to get some studying done. More later.


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