Harvest season

The two lemon trees in my backyard have been flourishing. Their branches so heavy with fruit; they are almost touching the ground. I had a dinner party to attend, and that’s when i decided it was time to distribute the lemons to my friends who cook. The Housemate and i rarely cook, and if we do; it usually consists of throwing stuff into the oven to roast or just plain old boiling.

The smaller lemon tree produced really fabulous lemons – nice colour, pleasant smell and very tasty. The larger tree was not as good but then i think it is recuperating. It did not even produce any fruit last year!

Anyhow, a few friends were asking if i had any more lemons to spare. Clearly, i should have done this the past few years, instead of letting the lemons drop onto the ground and rot, and then me having to clear them later on.

The lemons much sought after.

The other tree beside the shed, on the mend.

Believe it or not, all these came from the smaller tree.

Lemons hidden deep in the branches. I gave up trying to get to them after encountering several spiders. Eeks.

The less healthy tree was producing a lot of these odd-sized huge-assed lemons. The skin was thick, and according to my friend, probably did not have much juice. Maybe better growth next year when the new tenant takes better care of it.

I was telling my friends that they had my dog to thank for the bountiful supply of lemons. She was busy keeping them fertilized all year round. Heh.


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