Doggie comfort

The dog has never been allowed on my couch or my bed or any furniture. I was told sternly by the dog trainer i hired (when the dog was suffering from separation anxiety) that i need to prove my leadership (to the dog). That was almost three years ago.

A few days ago, i decided to break this rule. I commanded the dog to jump up onto the couch with me. This must have been out of the blue because the dog gave me a quizzical look and i had to repeat the command a second time. When she was on the couch, she sat gingerly on her haunches looking at me in puzzlement, on the alert for the next command to get off the couch. When she finally realized i was for real, it did not take long for her to get comfortable.

It was not until the dog was on the couch, resting beside me, that i realized just how much i miss having a dog to snuggle with. It also made me think to myself for the umpteenth time that i really know myself best and sometimes i need to sieve out the advice of others no matter how well-intentioned they are.

On a different note altogether, i have started on El nino con el pijama de rayas (The Boy in Striped Pyjamas) in an attempt to strengthen my grasp of the language. I can only say that my optimism took a sobering hit. I tried reading the first page but only got through the first paragraph. I had to look up the meanings of most words, and hell, i had to highlight a few phrases to consult my tutor because the online dictionary was as clueless as me. At this rate, with both my severe vocabulary deficiency and the punishing hours demanded by Medical school, i think i can only go through half a page a week. Looking on the bright side, i may be able to finish the book in a YEAR, at the very earliest. Sigh.


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