Top news of the day – i got the hospital of my first choice! I am really thrilled, happy, relieved and grateful. I can breathe a little easier now. All i have to do is pass the exams of the next and final semester, which starts in less than a week.

I spent the most part of the day looking at rental properties. It’s exciting; we are going to move, but probably remain in the same area since this neighbourhood is really safe. Hopefully we are able to rent a townhouse with a courtyard for the dog.

I mentioned before that i was probably going to move inter-state; but towards the end, i decided that staying would be the best decision. I have most of my social networks established here – sports (although i am not sure what’s going to happen to soccer now), volunteer work, language and music teachers. Hell, i can even continue with the dog’s intermediate obedience classes if i wanted to (i have not decided yet. So far the past month has seen us skipping our lessons mostly because i have been too lazy to wake up early. It is too difficult to pass up the temptation to remain in bed when most days i have to be up by 6am).

The Housemate and i are thinking of housing together for at least the next year because i would like to save up to get my own place soon, and she wants to get a boat. She’s matched to a different hospital but our current location is situated comfortably between both our hospitals so it is a good arrangement for both of us. We are thinking of finding a third housemate (from a different hospital) just so it would make things interesting? Imagine the kind of case studies we can pool and discuss. Haha, how nerdy.

Anyway, i was frantically reading up on BJJ techniques. I was appalled at the regression of the skills i have learnt. Need to regain them back as soon as possible. I have also resumed my Japanese and flute lessons. I must say that my rate of learning is so much faster when i do not have to study Medicine at the same time.

My Japanese teacher was rather shocked when she realized that i did not forget most of my Japanese and i was learning at a rate much quicker than the one i usually present with during my semester days. I felt less pressured during the lesson too. I could grasp the new grammatical structures better unlike the blank space i get when i draw up on my brain reserves after a long day during semesters. My flute teacher was as delighted. We were absolutely whizzing through the new pieces and i am hitting the high notes more consistently. So much so, i realized i can actually start trying out the movie music scores that i bought – most notably Titanic (i know, i can be quite cheesy). My teacher was momentarily puzzled before it dawned upon him.

“You have been practicing, haven’t you?” he declared.

I grinned sheepishly.

“I can tell when you practice!” he stated in mock sternness.

The sad part? It will all come crashing down when i start the busiest semester yet, next week.

Anyway, gotta run. BJJ started five minutes ago! Pizza celebration after! Yay!


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