Today, once again i was reminded of how individualistic the profession of Medicine is. The difference between the me of now, and the me when i first stepped foot on this healthcare path, is that i have more or less reconciled this fact with myself.

I used to be furious and resentful. Now i just accept it with a quiet resignation. This profession is more isolated than i realized. Isolated not in the sense that it is a lonely job, but rather it is very difficult to meet people outside of Medicine.

It could also be because i am starting to see reap some of the fruits of my efforts. It could be because now that i am practicing clinically-relevant stuff; i am happier. But i did think about it and i realized in all the sports i have played in so far; i have never met a doctor or a lawyer or an accountant, or to put it bluntly any of the high-powered ultra-demanding white collar professions. That is just the sad news of it all.

Why am i being so despondent? Well, next time this year, i may find myself not being able to play in a team sport. I can’t commit. How do you commit to any activity if your work schedule can be around a 24-hour clock? Sometimes, you are in the mornings, at times on nights, and hell, occasionally right smack in the afternoon. It is difficult to organize time when it does not follow the conventional 8-5 time window.

The coach dropped a bombshell today. Because of our consistently poor performance, he is going to re-organize the team. That’s good. Unfortunately his stipulation is that if you can’t commit to any of the twice weekly trainings at any point in time; you are not going to play any games. That i feel is kind of high-handed. We, after all, do have full-time jobs to maintain; for those with families, children to see to; partners whose needs must be considered. And we really are not a professional team.

I am disappointed, but i also understand this is how life works. I can bitch about Medicine, and i have to myself, but in the end, i really have nothing to complain about. I am in a noble profession and sometimes sacrifices are required. Anyway, i am just a bit peeved that after years of really wanting to play soccer and finally getting a chance to do so this year; i have to give it up. There will not be a day where i can master dribbling and passing skills and learn all those fanciful tricks that Cristiano Ronaldo pulls off effortlessly all the damn time. I really should count my blessings and enjoy the goodness as the curtain gracefully falls.

I can’t always demand encores of all the good times in Life. That would be boring, wouldn’t it?


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