Just an observation

Do you notice something? Hint: Hair colour.

Pardon the large size of this photo; otherwise you will not be able to see what i am trying to point out.

I was simply gazing at this noticeboard without thinking (in other words, i was stoning) when i suddenly went on a thought trajectory. I remembered the days when i was a kid and had to colour all these pictures (and how i did not really like it because damn! it was boring) and then my thoughts jumped onto another trajectory path and i recalled a former classmate relating to me how her brother would colour the trees a different colour and the people a weird colour and that was how they discovered he was colour-blind.

Right, so then i started focusing on the coloured pictures in front of me, trying to see if there were any children who were potentially colour-blind (see, i amuse myself like this). I didn’t notice any but i suddenly discovered that children coloured pictures according to the environment they were exposed to. See how there are three pictures with different hair colours – black, brown and yellow? Asian, brunettes and blondes. Aha. That was interesting. On hindsight, i know that as a kid i always took it for granted that everyone’s hair should be black. Strange i never once questioned that concept.


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