Japanese book

Wow, after i told my Japanese tutor that i ordered a few Japanese children books online, she gave me one to keep. Flipping through the book, i think it is meant for 4-5 years old?

Looks simple right? Hah. Looks are deceiving.

I read the first page, and erm, i could read the Hiragana phonetically, but i have no idea what they mean. So i patiently key in groups of characters into an online Japanese dictionary and wait for the dictionary to spit out the meanings. Except…several meanings got thrown back. Which is fine; i just need to utilize contextual clues in the passage.

However, the problem with character-based languages (i.e. Japanese, Chinese, Tamil, Greek etc) is that i need to know which groups of characters belong to one word. Otherwise, the search to understand the meaning would be arduous if not, impossible. It took me half an hour to decipher the first page. Of a children’s book. And even then, i am not confident that i grasp the full meaning of the short passage.

The picture on the corresponding page did not help.

Erm. I don’t know exactly how much time i can spare once my semester starts in a week and half, to continue putting in the seemingly large amount of effort required. And er, i think the Japanese children books i ordered may actually be too difficult for me to comprehend. Great.

Sigh, it is so tough learning a language.


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