Remember how i was getting all excited about the iPad and forcing myself to make a promise not to get the iPad till after my exams? Well, i did struggle with the decision for a few days after, but ultimately i decided to get a netbook instead.

There were many instances when i was on the verge of buying the iPad but most retailers had ran out of the 3G 16Gb model that i was after. I could order online but that would take about two weeks. My semester starts in less than two weeks. The best time to enjoy my new gadget would be now.

I also sourced around for iPad reviews and in the end i just realized that it was incredibly overpriced for a device that could perform so little. I wanted a smaller device because my current laptop is a 17 inch one, and hooked up to many of my other peripherals such as printers, external hard disk storages and Bose speakers. It was a hassle if i ever wanted to study or surf the internet in my living room instead of my study room.

But the main two reasons were that i wanted to be able to read journal articles whilst relaxing on my couch and to transfer photos to an external hard disk storage when i travel.

The iPad would serve my reading purposes perfectly; unfortunately i only read journal articles on my computer. When it comes to books, i still prefer having a hard copy; and i like gazing at my bookshelves filled with books. Transferring photos would be a headache. The iPad does not have a USB port for me to be able to transfer photos simultaneously from my camera to an external drive; so that’s really annoying. Plus to serve the internet, i would have to fork out more money on a regular basis. It would be absurd considering my housemate and i do not even use 2Gb of the 12Gb monthly cable broadband plan that we are on (we do not download movies and stuff that most of our peers seem incline to do).

The accessories and the iPad would set me back by about $900. I was not really comfortable spending that sort of money. I wanted to save my money for a couple of other big purchases that i intend to get at the end of the year when i go to Japan for my graduation trip. (I want to get a Nikon D-SLR and a Japanese-made flute. Both would be cheaper in the country of origin and both would be guaranteed craftsmanship of the highest standard. I am currently using a USA-made Armstrong flute; it is fantastic and plays beautifully but i foresee myself probably upgrading to an intermediate flute sometime soon.)

On the other hand, the Netbooks cost less than half the price. I could surf the internet, transfer photos with an abundance of USB ports and read my articles when and as i please. So i got the Samsung N150 Plus instead for $391. The only problem i have now is a software one. I did not realize how user-unfriendly Windows XP is compared to Vista. But i had to pay $100 more for an upgrade to Windows 7, so i think i can live with it.

The Samsung has been superb so far. The battery life is amazing and i have resurrected my Harman Kardon Soundsticks. They have been collecting dust ever since Acer lost my desktop when i sent it for repair and i had to use my Dell laptop as a desktop replacement. And i guess the other problem is my iTunes library. It is not possible to sync my libraries on different computers, so listening to podcasts can be a bitch.

Otherwise i am pretty happy. Last night, i also finally found the time to buy a couple of songs that i have been wanting for a long time, from iTunes. Most notably, i missed Passion Pit’s Sleepyhead and Mumford and Sons’ Winter Winds and The Cave. Yay.


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