You know what? I think i need to hire a Mandarin tutor soon. I have forgotten how to write. I am not even sure if the above sentences are grammatically correct! Gosh.

Anyway, i resumed BJJ training after a month hiatus – first because of my exams, then because of my eye injury and then my interviews. To be honest, i was kind of dreading going back. I was very nervous. I knew i would be pummeled; i guess i just could not bear it. It is good that i am locked in a one year contract with the club, so they automatically deduct club fees from my account regardless if i turn up or not. Nothing beats a financial incentive.

Finally, i did chide myself for losing sight of the big picture. I will not be hurt if i don’t push for it. I am here to keep fit, not to compete. But it is hard to relinquish a Type A personality. Just as well. I did indeed get my ass whooped. I got paired up with a fella who just started training, and clearly very gung-ho. Most guys who first dabble in this sport are – they are filled with testosterone-driven egos and they want to show that they are tough. Clearly not; but when it comes to a mixed-gender training, clearly they will have the upper hand. I think it was also because i am not heavy enough to be able to use my weight to my advantage.

Suffice to say, i have got a long line of impressive bruises down my leg. I knew that was going to happen when this guy insisted on training fast and hard during our drills. He has not even mastered the technique and of course, was relying on brute force. I did not say anything, just let him did whatever he wanted. In my experience, i will probably just be wasting my breath, and he may feel that his training has been cut short because a female training partner has limitations.

Well, time to nurse my bruises. My neck already feels a little stiff. The back of my hands feel like they have been scrapped (probably mat burns), and my finger tips ache. I will probably pay the price tomorrow. Ho. I need to revise some of the techniques i learnt. I was mildly surprised to discover that i have forgotten loads of stuff. Anyways.

Going to attend an exhibition tomorrow. Am quite excited.


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