Living the dream (albeit a really small one)

I have not been busy. In fact quite the opposite. Suddenly i have whole days devoted to myself to which i gladly embrace. My routine now consists of waking up, reading the book/magazine on my bedside table, get out of bed without the insistence of the alarm at my own pace (you have no idea what kind of luxury that is!), brush my teeth, feed the dog, get my bowl of muesli and slouch on the couch, read another book/magazine, turn on the DVD player and viola, my whole day has been mapped out for me. I am incredibly protective of such days.

Anyway, i am so excited. I just made several purchases from different online retailers. Book Depository is so cheap; it is almost mind-boggling. A few weeks back, i went to a flea market where i usually only frequent the vendors that sell secondhand books. I looked at the books on display and realized with a jolt that Book Depository actually sell brand new books at lower prices. Which was kind of baffling to me because that means this upcoming retail giant is out-pricing a lot of the local bookstores. In fact, recently, armed with a 25% coupon from Borders, i bought Jeffery Deaver’s The Burning Wire, and i discovered that Book Depository still sells it $7 cheaper. The only reason why i persisted buying from Borders was because i was behaving like a prima donna, wanting the book now now NOW. But you know what? I think everything will be done online frow now on. It is so much easier shopping for books online because i can easily access my wishlist and get those books that have been added to my list years ago; whereas in a bookstore, it is kind of logistically impossible to toggle between my wishlist on my phone and then harassing the sales assistant to find the book that i am after, and usually the store does not stock it anyway. So it is kind of pointless.

I have always used Amazon and i still love it. In fact, i usually browse on Amazon, where i can access greater reviews and previews before searching for the same book on Book Depository and purchasing it from the latter. It’s just that Book Depository is much more user-friendly. The currency is in the local context and delivery is free. Whereas for Amazon, i can only see the delivery charge right at the end, which makes it quite difficult to plan within my budget. So if any Amazon executives out there is reading this, you have got a feedback!

Anyhow enough of the boring talk on books. Exams over, who wants to talk about books? Me! Haha.

I decided that i needed to do something about my language learning. Last semester was the first time i canceled all my extra-curricular activities to focus on my exams. I can already feel the horrible slide backwards. I resumed my flute lesson last week and had to frantically try to play a couple of notes before my lesson lest i appall my teacher. Strangely enough though, i always seem to play better after a long break. Not sure whether it is because i have been psyching myself out, thinking too hard about getting my technique right that it is causing me to play like crap. Weird. But certainly, it does not work for my languages in the same way. The point of all these is that i bought a couple of adolescent books in Espanol, and a few elementary books (ok fine, kids’ books) in Japanese. I am going to demand from myself that i need to cross this ever-present yawning chasm and bridge the gap in what i learn in theory and applying it in practical situations. I have been learning Spanish for a longer period of time, hence the higher level in reading, though i did have a brief preview on Amazon, and i am already stumped on the first page. I am just deciding if i should start behaving like i did when i was 13 and struggling with bloody literature (i hate classics!); highlighting every damn word or phrase i did not understand and then flipping through the dictionary meticulously to learn. But i hate marks on my novels…we shall see.

A good friend mentioned that the Twilight series was fantastic. So brilliant that she and another good friend of ours, read the whole book in one sitting, on consecutive nights. Erm. Personally i do not like the English version. The kind of writing was just not my style. The movie did not really help, especially the second one. I thought it was rotten what with Bella (is that her name? Well, i am going with it anyhow because i am too lazy to google about it) feeling depressed throughout the whole movie; but that is not to say i am not going to watch the next one, because i am OCD and i will finish off whatever i have started. Just like the fact that i just rented Season 5 of Lost much to the horror of another friend who literally shrieked over the phone that NO ONE WATCHES UNTIL SEASON 5. Oh well. Anyhow, since i can’t stomach the book in English, perhaps the Espanol version may be easier to assimilate. So here goes nothing.

Anyway, the list of books i am eagerly waiting delivery on:

From Book Depository –

  1. Switching Time (the book that i have wanted to buy for a long time, and bought it for a friend’s birthday when it first came out. But the bookstore was always out of stock.)
  2. One Woman’s Army: The Commanding Officer of Abu Ghraib Tells Her Story (a book that has been sitting patiently on my wishlist for a few years now. I was almost stricken that it will be out of print. Also after reading Sarah Palin (which was not a bad read), i thought i could get through another autobiograhpy.)
  3. Why is Sex Fun?: The Evolution of Human Sexuality (very intriguing title right? I tried to purchase it from the Borders in my Homeland, and being the conservative country that it is, the sales assistant raised his eyebrows when i supplied him with the title. He looked at me strangely, like i was, i don’t know, a dumbass? Next time, i will just get it online with no judgment. Imagine the other titles i want to get, such as The Porn Report or Transsexuals. So what, i am going to change my sexuality now just because of my taste in books. Sigh.)
  4. The Lives They Left Behind: Suitcases from a State Hospital Attic ( i have always been interested in psychiatry, and if i admit it to myself, one of the reasons why i am debating if i should even do a psychiatry rotation in intern year. I fear falling in love with psychiatry, and then giving up a career in surgery. I don’t know.)
  5. By reason of insanity (a new author that i saw online, and decided to try his novels.)
  6. El Nino Con el Pijama de Rayas [The boy in striped pyjamas] (Watched the movie, loved it, but could never bring myself to buy the book because i thought it was a waste of money. Well no more! If i have a secondary use for it – to improve my Spanish.)
  7. La Telarana de Carlota [Charlotte’s Web] (Believe it or not, i have never read this book in my life. A good time to start.)
  8. Crepusculo [Twilight] (I had to google to find out which book was first in the series. I was honestly quite appalled with myself. I am ignorant, but not this ignorant.)

The Japanese books from YesAsia. I can’t translate, don’t know what they mean. I basically pick the books from their covers. Haha.

  1. 雨童子
  2. 水晶時空の美友香
  3. ぼくはてつぼうがすきじゃない

All right, enough about books. I shall watch the DVDs that i checked out. Life is bliss.


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