Exams over, interviews in lieu

Just a spread of photos to show what i have been up to since my exams ended on Friday.

A good friend buzzed in from the Homeland; so i spent my weekend with her taking her to the tourisy areas, although i needed help from her guidebook. It has been six years since i have been in this country; i have forgotten what it is like to be a tourist. I also realized that there were some tourist attractions that i have never been to because i could never spare the time – flea markets! – so we went there and had fun.


Celebratory drinks or really, drink.


Small towns serve some terrible food…even though they attract so many tourists. What the hell.

Terrible food. The batter for everything on the platter was the same. Eeks.

Believe it or not, the only saving grace of our meal - salad. KFC would have probably been a better (and equivalent in terms of healthiness) choice.

Our destination - really a rip off to be honest.

Driving four hours just to see the surf. Hmmm. Fortunately, the fun was the car ride!

The lighting is quite beautiful. Can't believe my Blackberry can take such nice pictures from a distance.

Playing with serpia.

Lamb souvlaki for dinner. Massive meal. Best paired with a beer, but i was too tired after the long drive. Alcohol may just completely knock me out before i get home proper.


We went to a flea market. I got two secondhand books. Saw loads of bits and pieces but didn’t get any because i just don’t know where to display them in my house. Running out of space.

Omelette. Haven't had one in YEARS.

My housemate's breakfast. They always make it look so pretty.

The scone my friend had, and the Mars cake with ice-cream that we shared. Ice-cream early in the morning for breakfast!

I told my friend she would be ruined for life after trying the ice-cream and cakes of this country. The Homeland just does not make such food of the same standard (likewise, this country just does not make authentic Asian food).


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