We went to the art and craft market on Sunday. Saw loads of paintings and prints, and really just want to purchase a few of them, but i restrained myself in the end. They will just end up in a corner of my house, because there is nowhere to hang them. It was then i realized that artists and photographers have this invisible limit imposed on their products – it isn’t because no one likes or wants to buy their stuff, but more the practical issue of space. This is a huge pity. Until i get my own place and figure a way to store these art pieces that i want to get; i shall resign myself to admiring from a distance.

Sometimes, i think the Homeland really needs more artists and photographers. We really need greater freedom for people to be creative and provide an avenue for them to eke out a living based on their art products. I think this would improve the graciousness and perspective of society on the hold. We pay a steep price if we focus mainly on white collar jobs and look down on others. We are just not as balanced in the long run.

Anyway, i feel this photo deserved a post on its own.

How cool is that? Someone's really hard at work.


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