Camouflage in the shadows

Wind’s chilly. Been walking the dog in the night, head tucked down, hands in my pockets, trying to stay warm in the blistering cold. The dog, however, seems to be cold-blooded, not minding the sharp bite of the wind one bit. We walked down the dark, familiar and quiet street when i spotted a package on the bonnet of a white car. I could barely make out the silhouette under the weak moonlight. I thought someone had forgotten their stuff on their car, like i did once.

I left a tupperware of cake made by my friend, on the roof of my car once, and drove off. At the junction, this rough-looking woman in her sports car was yelling and gesturing at me. I checked my car’s position, made sure i was in nobody’s way, stared at her, and then ignored her. Man, she was persistent in getting my attention, and i was starting to get increasingly nervous. I know people can be crazy, and i hope i was not going to be someone’s target. My friend who was in the car murmured what the hell was wrong with that woman. Anyway, that woman’s lane progressed and she drove away. Then the car behind started honking at me – this time a genial old man. (Also note how my stereotypes are terrible??) I knew then something was not right. He pointed upwards, so i got out of my car and saw that blasted tupperware, the object of all attention. That kind-hearted lady driver probably thought i was a moron, and rightly so.

Anyway, i stared at the thing on the white car when suddenly something clicked and i realized it was a cat. A beautiful pure white cat. On the bonnet of a white car. I wondered whether it purposely sat on that white car because it was white, so it could be camouflaged, or it was all purely coincidental. I doubt it was coincidental – is it even usual for a house cat to sprawl on the top of a car in the freezing cold??

"I can see you, you can't see me...not!"

I chuckled to myself as i passed it. It crouched even lower. For some reason, my dog did not notice her. Weird. Anyway i took a few steps away before i decided it was a photo opportunity too hard to pass up. I walked back to snap a few shots. The cat tensed up but when she realized neither the dog or i were going to lunge for her, she settled down, completely comfortable with the camera. Unbelievable.

"I am going to ignore you, crazy human."

Now i need to motivate myself to get started with my Obstetrics & Gynaecology revision.


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