The 3 Stooges

I was rummaging through my photos (actually i was updating my private travel blog, something i have not done in more than one and a half years – Jeez, have i been working for so long without a break?) when i realized i never posted this photo up.

The owner of this house has a sense of humour.

I took this photo when i was up in another state, doing an elective. Took the dog to explore the neighbourhood, happened to look up and nearly got a fright. I must say, after the initial shock, the statues look kind of nice, albeit a little eerie.

Man, i was going to delete some of the videos on my travel blog and then i played them on a whim and was nearly moved to tears when i heard the voices of my friends whom i traveled with. It was more than two years ago, and we are barely in contact now, and this is just how Life is. The other day i heard my consultant mentioned that she went on a trip with a friend seven years ago, but it has been five years since they last talked. She spoke of it so casually, so easily, that it startled me to realize that this is quite a common phenomenon – to be able to meet great friends, spend some fantastic time together, and then just completely drift apart and lose touch. I just need to learn to let go and yearn less.


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