To go or not to go?

Would you take a gamble to try for something that you may not get?

Would you still make the sacrifice even if you know the outcome is not what you want?

Will honouring your decision be more important than the poor form that others have extended to you, even though in the end probably nobody but your conscience cares?

It is a universal fact that if you want something bad enough, you should strive for it. Likewise, if you strive hard enough for something, you may actually get it. That is easy to discuss on paper.

What if it comes to actual paper – currency?

Should i still spend that lump sum of money even though there is a large possibility it will just go to waste? Could i at least hope that this attempt may sway the majority to my advantage, or at least a glimmer of hope in the second round?

I really don’t know what i am against, do i?

Deep down, i feel going is probably the best choice. If i don’t get in the first round, i will most certainly be considered in the second round. And if it is that competitive in the first place, i should surely make the sacrifice to at least put myself on an advantage and have a shot at impressing the judges when i have so many limitations against me. On the flip side, if i don’t make the sacrifice and i do get an offer, i will really have no idea what i am bringing myself into. And if i don’t try, will i always think back and say “what if?”, although it will probably not be that serious.

But 1k is a lot of money to waste. I am not wealthy. And everyone is against me making the sacrifice. They think it is a bad move, the odds are against me and why make a pointless attempt?

So it boils down to me – whether adhering to my own beliefs and principles are more important, or saving on 1k is more urgent.

Gosh the next phase of life is really looming ahead. I am forced to make momentous decisions. I believe everything happens for a reason. Is 1k justifiable for a job or a life lesson learnt?


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