The joys of being a medical student (in photos)

Staying warm

This is what happens when you bring your notes to your soccer match and it pours. Your notes get soaked and the highlighter inks run. Because I am too cheap, i dry them in front of the heater instead of reprinting them.

"This is my place, pal."

This is what happens when you have a spoilt dog who demands a place by the heater. She just sits on your notes. No respect.

Guess which is more appealing, the books or the fries?

At a cafe with a friend, trying to put in some useful studying time.

This so did not help.

The fantabulous chicken parmigiana served for lunch did not help. Do you see how big the portion was? It totally overwrote the cappuccino i was chugging down before this.

Another day, another time.

On a different day in the hospital cafe. Trying hard to study. Guzzling my way through caffeinated drinks. So folks, this is what i have been doing recently. How exciting.

These current few weeks have led me to conclude that exams ain’t about being smart or how much brain power you have. It is about efficient time management. I find it excruciatingly painful to have to juggle between writing up cover letters and resumes, preparing for interviews, rocking up for them in full professional gear, and then having to detach myself completely to study. It is just a bit insane.


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