It’s so cold i turned up every heater in the house. Took a hot shower and the steam set the smoke alarm off (wtf?). Windows in the house have misted up because it is freezing out there. Went for training and i swore i was going to get sterile otitis externa. I thought my ears were going to drop off. And i wondered if i have asthma; could not seem to get the cold air into my aching chest.

Anyway, it has been busy around here. I am tired yet i am too stressed to sleep. Got an interview coming up this week. More applications to submit and more chasing to do. I am trying to control the uncontrollable. It’s a bit mad.

That’s all the time i have left to type. Need to complete a tutorial now. Don’t get to sleep in tomorrow because my consultant demanded i rock up for an early meeting which i have been skipping because i think it is useless. Unfortunately the other medical students turn up for this meeting so my absence is sorely felt. Argh. I hate antenatal clinics. So boring.

The oven just chimed. My chicken wings have been baked. Yum. Ciao.


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