I am wondering why i am so restless, refusing to read any of my materials on Obstetrics and Gynecology. I found myself pondering about what i should do despite having a mountain load of things to read. I spent the whole morning and afternoon quite productively, attended an evening lecture; went grocery-shopping after that, and then came home stumped. I wanted to watch TV, but i firmly steered myself away. It would mean the whole night gone.

I have not felt like this in ages – where nothing seems to calm me down, except maybe sleep, which is exactly what i intend to do in half an hour at 10pm.

This then of course, sets me thinking.

And i realize what’s wrong now.

I am down with the cold, and with this infection, i have to cancel all my activities. I should been in BJJ training right now. Or practicing my flute. In other words, some other activity that uses a different part of my brain, and that mixes up my routine, keeping me interested. But right now, i can’t train nor practice (lest i spread the joy of this wretched infection, or cough violently into my flute – imagine sputum in the flute, eeks!), and it is driving me mad. I tried doing every other thing rather than reading my notes, but you know, every other thing entails reading. I can’t believe it.

Maybe i should have watched TV instead.


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