Guinea pig!

Because i was sick over the weekend and canceled postponed most of my activities (read: flute and Spanish classes), it turned out to be a weekend devoted to the dog. I enrolled the dog in agility classes and the first class was on last Saturday. I could not skip that class so i had no choice but to drag myself there with the dog. It was fun, though the dog did not do any jumping yet. I think the dog was a bit exhausted after two solid hours of training – one hour of agility and an hour of obedience after that. I know i was exhausted. I returned home to sleep most the day away.

Two assignments from the class – i have to purchase a clicker (bought it!), no idea how to use it but we will be taught how to in the next class, and to buy a rope toy. Apparently i need to play tug with my dog. The problem is i don’t know how i can convince my dog to play tug. She hates holding anything in her mouth, hence our initial failure in Flyball. The instructor told me to go home and teach the dog to stop spitting the tennis ball from her mouth. I don’t see why i should force her to hold anything in her mouth if she does not want to. Anyhow back to tug; the dog does not like to fight for stuff. After two minutes of not getting what she wants, she sits and looks at me with a “Please, can you give me the toy” look on her face. I usually do, because that is very polite. So now i have to do something about that.

On Sunday, i made the impromptu decision to take the dog out for an event organized to raise funds for animal shelters. We joined thousands of other dog owners with their dogs for a morning of fun and socialization. The housemate came along; it was quite enjoyable. The housemate has not seen as many dogs as i have, and the first time she saw a Great Dane, she stammered and asked if those dog owners actually mated their dog with a horse. It was hilarious.

Then she pointed out another dog, “Look he’s walking a guinea pig!”

Lo and behold, the terrier-like dog really resembled said creature in shape, size and appearance. It was so tiny i could not tell what breed it was.

Teeny weeny amongst the crowd. No bigger than its owner's shoes!

Can someone identify the breed?


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