A weakness for books

So we were eating ice-cream that day, and my friend and i decided we should take a walk down the street instead of sitting down to enjoy our desserts, because we gain less calories that way. I know i know, but every little bit helps right?

We ended up at the local Borders store. Bad mistake. I only wanted to get the latest issue of Mark magazine, but i ended up browsing the infamous 3-for-2 sections and the latest releases. I stood there reading and saw that a few books that were on my wishlist, were on discount. At the last minute, i managed to rein in the temptation and wrench myself away from the section, out of the bookstore. My friend noticed and made a damning remark.

“Aren’t you getting any of the books?”

“Erm…no. I have spent too much already, plus i just bought Harlan Coben’s latest novel (Caught) two weeks ago.”

“But the books you are after are on discount! They may not be in this section anymore in future. You will be saving money.”

Now my resolve wavered. It is hard to argue against such infallible logic.

Anyway i bought three books – i do not desperately need them, but i know from experience that the longer i leave these books on my wishlist, the less likely i will buy them and hence i will be missing out on some good reads. When i buy them, and they are collecting dust on my bookshelf, at last i will be prompted to read out of guilt.

And i am glad Wolf Hall was on offer. It was initially expensive  and i could not bear to part with a large sum of money for an author i have only recently heard about because she won the Man Booker Prize 2009.

The other two books i bought were Sophie Kinsella’s Twenties Girl and The Brain that changes itself. Another thing of note – i just checked the new bookshelf i bought. It is closed to being full. I am going to have to buy another bookshelf soon…


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