Why are dog and soccer training similar?

So the dog and i have progressed to the highest level of basic obedience (there are four levels in total). Next week, we also start our three week introductory program to agility classes before i decide if i would like to commit.

I like this level of obedience class because we got to do more challenging exercises so the dog and i were not as bored as we would be. In particular there was an exercise where all of us stood in a line, and turn by turn, each dog owner and his/her dog would attempt to weave in and out of the other dog owners and their respective dogs calmly. My heart was pounding when it was nearing our turn. I was very nervous because i do not know how my dog will react to the other larger dogs. She’s not particularly fond of dogs larger than her because of a few negative puppy experiences (she got knocked over twice by two different boisterous dogs – a Mastiff and a Labrador when i brought her to a dog park). But i was really surprised. Aside from sniffing the ground, she completely ignored the other dogs, and just walked calmly beside me. I was very impressed. We certainly have come a long way from ten months ago, where she would snarl and snap at any passing dog. Now she wags her tail and cautiously allow another dog to lick her, and instead of lunging, she responds to my cue when i sense that she has enough of the other dog.

And in soccer, the coach would make the whole team stand in a circle and then send one player out at a time to sprint and to weave amongst the other players. I really like this drill because it forces me to be more agile as i cut in sharply amongst my teammates and to work on my speed. Plus i can sort of gauge my performance with the rest of the team so it tells me how much i should be working if i want to be on par.

Also i finally took some time out to go shopping. I was disappointed as out of the three things i intended to buy, i only managed to purchase one. The sports store had a very limited range of goalkeeping gloves and really my current ones (which are a size too large for me) are way better compared to what they stocked. Then i went to a hair accessories store and purchased two headbands, but i could not find any headwraps that i usually wear when i am playing sports. The people at the store had no idea where i could get the headwraps either (although in my opinion, i felt the store assistant was there for the sake of being there – she was really poor at her job; incompetent people like her really bring disgrace to the customer service industry). I bought my headwraps from a bohemian market, and the market only runs at the end of the year. I was in disbelief that nowhere else sold these headwraps. Now i have to wear my muddy headwrap for tomorrow’s match! Argh.

Anyhow, i came home and did a Google search and found an online store that sells headwraps! I ordered three – chocolate coloured, orange striped and a lilac coloured one. Yay! I am excited, can’t wait for them to arrive in the mail. Also, note that i usually buy stuff that makes me happy and not stuff that match with the rest of the wardrobe. I believe in contrasts, hah.

Chocolate-coloured - probably can't tell the difference if it becomes mud-splattered!

A lovely bright cheery orange colour - i love bright colours!

Just because i don't have a purple headband yet.

All right i should get some sleep. Early match tomorrow morning.


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