The difference between a medical and a nursing student

During our warm-ups before the match, one of our key players started shrieking as we were doing leg stretches.

“Oh my God, oh my God! What is this?? It was not here yesterday!”

I casually glanced over; it was a few visible blood vessels on her inner thigh. They were not prominent, and the player was not in any sort of pain, so clearly it did not register much alarm bells in my head. Also i rather stay out of the matter.

The player continued screeching in anxiety.

“Oh my legs are not sexy anymore!”

I stifled a giggle; melodramatic people can be very amusing.

The other players started chipping in their two cents’ worth.

“You are getting old now, time to get married!”

“Are they varicose veins? Oh my god, that’s disgusting!”

Really the ruckus disrupted our warm ups.

One of the players who is a nursing student finally stepped out and started touching the veins.

“Quick give me your medical advice,” the highly-strung player pleaded with her.

“Observe it for a few weeks; if they are not getting any better, then you should see a doctor.”

A doctor?? I was aghast. I really did not think those veins were any big deal. I could just imagine the surgeons rolling their eyes and shrugging their shoulders behind the patient’s back. Really her advice did not alleviate the player’s anxiety, but i guess it is better to be concerned than nonchalant like me. See the difference? Nursing students are warm and caring; medical students just pray fervently that they don’t get called to action.

Finally i spoke up, because i did not want her to feel distressed over no good reason.

“Are you in pain? Any other symptoms?”

“No pain, i am feeling fine. But i am feeling faint after seeing these!”

I started laughing.

Then i palpated her veins and compared with the other leg. Guys, i couldn’t feel a damn thing but smooth skin. Really it must be the hot weather causing the veins to surface or too much pressure on her leg.

“You are injured, aren’t you?” i asked.

“No i am not!”

“But you had to stop training a few days ago to rest. Was that your ankle?”

“Oh yes, but that was my ankle!”

“Right ankle?”


The culprit veins were located near her right knee.

“Maybe you are putting more pressure on your knee because your ankle can’t support your full weight at the moment. Your right hip and ankle can affect your knee.”

I wanted to say more but i shut up, because i thought the management was obvious – just lay off on the heavy work, rest her ankle more, and do light exercises. That should solve the problem.

“Erm…sure, i guess,” she sounded uncertain, like i was pulling her leg (pun intended).

I just grinned. Sometimes, i guess it is more fun to make a mountain out of a molehill.

“I am going to see the doctor tomorrow,” she declared.

I just smiled quietly to myself, imagining the doctor’s incredulous reaction. What is there to treat?

P/S: They don’t know i am a medical student and best to leave it that way. I really don’t know how to manage sports injuries other than rest, ice, compress and elevate. (I actually contemplated buying Netter’s Sports Medicine in case my cover gets blown and i am called to provide some expertise.) Hell i don’t even know how to apply an ace bandage to act as an ankle support. In my opinion, if you need that kind of support, you should be resting your leg and doing graded physiotherapy exercises to strengthen the surrounding muscles. Really, we should not be letting our bodies rely on supports. We become more prone to injuries as a result; very counter productive.


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