Training in the rain

It was pouring last night. Strong fine rain that managed to wriggle its way into all the warm areas despite our raincoats, windbreakers, jackets, caps, beanies etc. Within fifteen minutes, the whole team was soaked. I guess there must be something sexy about a whole women’s team training in the rain. Certainly there was a lot of team spirit going on. We have been doing a lot of physical training because we are just not match fit enough. Our lack of stamina and exhaustion has cost us dearly on our previous three matches. I do note that, the players who really need the training more than the rest of us, are usually the ones not turning up for these physical trainings. I guess, we can only try our best. Maybe the rest of us can become even fitter and compensate…

And then i commenced my goalkeeping training. I trained with the goalkeeper from the men’s team. It was a lot of diving and splashing around in the mud. I have realized that i am way better with the ball when i am on the ground. When the ball is high up, i have lesser control. It may perhaps relate to my BJJ training. Anyway that means i was really really muddy and wet. But it was good fun. Wet ground means better dives, but terrible high ball catches.

I had to dig around in my car boot and eventually came up with a windscreen sunshade – an item i bought years ago but never used (my original intention was to use it on long car trips when i snooze in the car but that never happened; i always lack the guts and arrange for accommodation on my travels instead). I draped the sunshade on the seat before driving; i was that soaked. When i got home, i was glad my housemate was already in bed. Because for once, i had to strip off my muddy clothes directly in the laundry room to avoid creating a mess in the bathroom, and then having to clean the bathroom when it was already close to midnight and i was famished. It was all a bit mad.

In retrospect, i can see how i enjoyed all these when i was in high school – training in the rain, splashing around in mud etc etc. Sure sounds fun. But now, i just feel a bit cautious. I worry about falling ill, which will derail my academic performance, worry about injuries, because it takes me longer to get back, and i have to stop all my training. Plus now there is certainly no one to pick up after me, no one to soak the muddy clothes before washing them, no one to sun my wet gear, no one to clean the bathroom or cook for me when i get home late. Which makes me think sometimes it is best to go back to The Homeland to work where at least i can get some familial support.

Anyhow, it is sunny today, so it’s a good thing. I can sun my stuff before my match tomorrow. And i really need to get off my lazy ass to do some essential shopping – i need new hair accessories; i have lost a few hairbands along the way, and my only sports one has been soaked with rain and mud from yesterday, i am not willing to use it without washing. And i definitely need goalkeeping gloves that are my size.

Everything out on the clothes line - shinguards, gloves, boots and shoebag.


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