I can’t help but smile

I have been shadowing a few pediatrics registras. I love pediatricians – they are all so patient, so jovial and just so damn nice. I have not met a pediatrician that meted out strong words or belittled you.

On two separate occasions, two different pediatricans asked me the same exact question, to which i had identical answers.

“So what do you want to be when you grow up?”

I stared incredulously at them, extremely amused.

“I’m already GROWN-UP. But i am considering pediatrics or trauma surgery.”

When the second pediatrician asked me the same question, i could not stop grinning.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing, it is just how you asked me what i want to do when i grow up, when i am already an adult.”

“Oh trust me, you have not grown up yet. We don’t till we graduate from medical school and enter a training program.”

I am seriously considering neonatal medicine. I have noticed it is the one rotation where i’m constantly drawn to the wards, and hassling the nurses, asking them if any bubs needed feeding or a change of diaper. Also i think life as a physician specializing in neonatal medicine is much gentler on one’s social life as compared to that of a surgeon. But then again, i do not have as much exposure to neonatal medicine as i had to general surgery. Maybe neonatal medicine will turn out to be a bore [like so many other medical specialities i.e. respiratory medicine, cardiovascular medicine (the bane of my life)] and i will still stick with surgery.

After all these years in med school, surgery has been the only specialty that kept me interested, and i actually thought it would be the one specialty i will steer clear off in pre-clinical years. But the specialty of pediatrics seemed to groom one into a nicer friendlier person; and i really want to be like them, and not an impatient grouchy cynical sharp-tongued physician/surgeon.


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