Pediatricians Want Redesign of Hot Dogs

My attention was brought to this news article by T-Post.

Pediatricians Want Redesign of Hot Dogs, Candy to Curb Kids’ Choking

“We know what shape, sizes and consistencies pose the greatest risk for choking in children and whenever possible food manufacturers should design foods to avoid those characteristics, or redesign existing foods when possible, to change those characteristics to reduce the choking risk,” said Dr. Gary Smith, immediate-past chairman of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Committee on Injury, Violence and Poison Prevention and lead author of the organization’s new policy statement on preventing choking.

“Any food that has a cylindrical or round shape poses a risk,” he pointed out. Smith said that hot dogs were high on the list of foods that could be redesigned — perhaps the shape, although he said it would be up to the manufacturers to figure out the specifics.

The AAP policy statement appears in the March issue of Pediatrics and is the first such guidance on the subject from that group.

Read more here (Healthfinder).

Hot dogs have an iconic shape that should not be changed. They are no longer hot dogs if the shape was changed, say to a rectangle or a square or what not. I reckon it is up to the onus of caregivers to pay more attention to the children under their charge. Anything that is too big, regardless if it is triangular or hexagonal or spherical, will still kill. You don’t stop eating fish just because it has too many bones, do you?


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