Because i am too tired to type more…

even when there are loads i would really like to say. I am just so exhausted by my consecutive days of 12-hour shifts.

A friend from The Homeland flew over to visit and we had dinner at one of my favourite restaurants – Sichuan cuisine. She had always wanted to try out the fish in chilli oil soup, and we did. The fish was succulent and fresh. Love this restaurant. To my mild embarrassment, i must frequent the place a lot because the waiter and waitress do not just recognize me; they even remember my name due to the many reservations i have made over the phone. Oh well.

Kung pao chicken, my favourite dish. Always order this without fail, and the different friends that i bring along all love this dish despite their differences in palate.

The fish swimming in chilli oil. It was mad; i had to ensure i drained the fish pieces really dry before putting them on my rice, lest i get the runs from the spice.

The dish that my friend painstakingly and lovingly prepared for her boyfriend. She drained the fish and meticulously picked out all the chilli seeds! I marvelled and wondered whether i will even do the same for my future partner.


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