Obstetrics and gynecology rotation

Today i started on a new rotation – obstetrics and gynaecology. I was told that this rotation was quite slack, as in we would have many days off. That was why i could commit to playing in a soccer team. I should have known better.

Today i checked my timetable and to my horror and disbelief, i literally have a seven day week. I am scheduled to follow the consultant i have been assigned to for clinics on Wednesday and Thursday, and to go into theatre (operating) with her on Tuesdays. And i have tutorials almost every other day. Then i am scheduled for 14 hour shifts on six of the nine weekends of my rotation where i am expected to linger in the birthing suites waiting for pregnant women to give birth. Failure to do so would mean marks get deducted in my overall assessment grade.

I thought medical school had shown me its darkest side. Clearly i was wrong. I don’t know why i keep ending up with such shifts. I was told my Pediatrics rotation (the last rotation) would be quite easygoing too. Again that was not true. I was clocking eight hour shifts whilst some of my friends had two day-weeks. Wtf?

And the other shocking part was, how could they (the people up there) expect us to devote our entire lives to Medicine? Did they not believe in a well-balanced lifestyle??? Now my concern is how am i going to relate this disastrous news to my new teammates. There is no doubt i will have to skip one or two practices, and possible a match. The rest of the time, i can glumly forsee myself rocking up for training, leaving half an hour early to nip home for a shower, before rushing to the hospital to clock a twelve hour night shift.

FUCK. And did i mention that we will not have the freedom to do anything without the blessing of the midwife. In other words, if i want a coffee break, and the midwife does not think so; i can jolly well sit my sorry ass in the birthing suite till the end of the shift. Even if there is no patient. Oh my God.


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