Sometimes i can be so dense, it’s baffling. I felt a bit faint, but merely attributed it to tiredness after a long day. I persisted in practicing my flute after reading a few chapters of my review book. I could not hit the high notes, which i have been consistently able to do so the past week. I stumbled with the notes, and at one point, even stared at the page in marked confusion. My mind was a total blank, and i struggled to remember how to play notes that i have been playing over a year. Then i felt physically light-headed. And promptly put my flute down, rushed to the kitchen, and grabbed a banana, several chocolate-chip cookies and a few seaweed crackers.

Dear Lord, sometimes i amaze myself with my ridiculous antics.

And no, i did not resume practicing my flute, all inspiration gone. Also i could not be stuffed cleaning my teeth again so i could practice my flute. Sigh. Now i shall walk the dog.


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