I responded to an ad last week. A team was looking for a goalkeeper. It has been two years since i last trained in a soccer team. I left on a very bitter note – not with the team but with myself. Basically i didn’t have enough time to train as hard as i would like, so i felt i was not performing my best on the field. A whole list of other emotional frustration crept in – letting down the team, demoralizing myself and yadda yadda yadda. I must add that the team never put any pressure on me. It was all in my head. And so i left.

I have always played in the position of defender but since that incident i have realized that my schedule will probably never permit me to be fit enough to last an entire 90 minutes on the field, defending my area, nor will i have the time to work on my dribbling, tackling and other skills demanded by my former position. I have contemplated the goalie position at that point in time, but i never asked to try playing in that position. I have been playing as a defender since my schooling days, so it was kind of a bitter-sad pill to swallow when it came to such a devastating end.

My housemate asked me if i wanted to play tennis with her, and perhaps have a few coaching sessions. I was up for it, though tennis will probably never be my favourite cup of tea. Anything for me to be fitter. So i searched around and somehow i stumbled upon the ad. They needed a goalkeeper urgently – first match of the season is this Sunday. I have been through the pre-contemplative phase, and i miss soccer. So on an impulse (a trademark of mine, i must add dryly), i shot them an email. They called me up the next day. I went for my first training, got my first taste of goalkeeping. Went for the second training, it was way more intense because the coach was worried that we wouldn’t last 90 minutes. Here you can secretly add that boy am i glad i am not the one on the field racing up and down. We did TWO hours of circuit training, followed by some goalkeeping practice for me and then a match. I have to say, i literally stumbled home. My ankles were so stiff, i found it difficult to work the accelerator of my car. Madness.

I am sore and stiff at the moment. I am astounded with my lack of fitness. And oh the inevitable happened. I got smashed by the ball in the face and my specs went a-flying. I knew this was going to happen, but i don’t understand why i never act on my instinct and remove my glasses instead of trying out my luck which i always sorely lack. Thank God i have a spare. My mum in her infinite wisdom, demanded that i make a spare. I guess after she forked out money for the string of glasses i have broken so far, she probably knew i can’t keep out of soccer for too long. Oh well. I am going to try getting that glasses fixed anyhow.

When i was taking my soccer boots off, i saw this:

A bloody sock.

I hastily put on my sneakers; i did not want my teammates to see the blood. They will be horrified. I know they were a bit apologetic for pushing me so hard on my second training session as a goalkeeper especially when i have no prior experience, but i did not want them to feel that way. I rather they be as cruel as possible because i don’t think our opponents are going to have mercy on me. Best be prepared. Anyway this is not the first time i have my socks bloodied. In fact, i was more delighted than horrified. I used to undergo such grueling training, love the discipline, but ever since Med school started, i put everything else on hold. Anyway, i am just being nostalgic in a very warped manner.

Couldn't find the source of bleeding. And my impressive bruise from BJJ is still present. Hurrumph.

I have to say my right foot seems to be taking quite a beating in my sporting endeavors.


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