The couch was my second home

This past study break, i spent it different from the rest. I have been feeling burnt out the last 3 weeks; and it was not the usual crappy mood, but a more severe one where i really lost interest in everything i did. Clearly the fact that my study break was round the corner may have contributed slightly. To say that this one week was my first real break in almost three years is not an exaggeration. I have been throwing myself into one elective or another and pursuing research in various fields that i think i have hit absolute rock bottom of my energy pool.

So the past week was heavenly. I canceled all my lessons, rejected most social activities, and spent the better half of each day, most of the week, reading my non-medical books, magazines and watching my Chinese martial arts film. The housemate and i even watched the final season of Prison Break (i liked the ending till i watched the bonus disc. What an anti-climax). I could switch my alarm permanently off, slept at 11pm, woke at 10am the next day. The luxury of a near 12 hour sleep is just heavenly.

Today was my first day back in the hospital. Close to midnight, and i am finally having my dinner. Already i am cruising on precious sleep time. I don’t know why this happens, this constant lack of time. What the heck.

The dog says "Hi".

"Being patient with my owner's ridiculous antics."


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