More food

This time, hot pot. I had a craving and i managed to convince my housemate to come for a meal of hotpot with me. We went to this restaurant that i have not visited in almost eight months. I should have known something was up when there were so many empty tables. There used to be a queue snaking out of the front door. You will be lucky to secure a place without a reservation. The food was good, but they jacked up the prices so much it was incredible. For a vegetarian meal of hotpot, we forked out almost $80. Pure madness. I am not returning. Gotta find a new hotpot place!


Clearly we over-estimated our abilities. It was so spicy, a mere sip saw me spluttering and downing beer to neutralize the noxious effect. I also suspected both of us had the runs the next morning.

My first vegetarian hotpot.

We ended up scooping most of the chillies out. There was just too much chilli oil, making it impossible for us to drink the soup.

Cold spicy noodles.

Believe it or not, we really enjoyed the cold dish. It consisted of cold noodles and chilli sauce. A dish so simple but yet so tasty. I wondered what sauce they used, probably something from Sichuan. Wished i could whip up this dish for myself to enjoy whenever!


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