Raw food

Last night i went for a Japanese buffet with a couple of friends. It was raw food galore. Dinner comprised mainly of sashimi and loads of oysters for me. I ate a dozen because my other friends either could not stomach more than one (can’t believe they don’t like raw oysters with lemon. Yum! Yum! Yum!) or surrendered after a few. I have got both my Hepatitis A jabs, so i am covered. As for Helicobacter pylori, let’s hope i had it when i was a child, and my immunoglobulins are up for the potential onslaught!

Heavenly oysters! Large and fresh.

Take one. Everyone was so hungry we "attacked" the sashimi before i could take a photo.

Take two. Nope, still too slow and too hungry.

Finally, a decent shot. We ordered 4 large platters in all!

Brinjal (eggplant). Looks good but i stayed away from it. Not my kindda thing.

Dessert - a good dose of sugar.


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