Traffic fine

I got myself another fine. This despite being excruciatingly careful to follow all speed limits. I got fined for doing 65km/h in a 60km/h zone. Whilst i am certainly in the wrong because i am clearly over the limit, i am really upset that this speed limit is not consistently applied to all drivers. How this happens, why this happens, is beyond me. I am not even going to grouse over it because there is no point. The way i see it, i have two options. To bemoan my stupefying lack of luck, or to look on the bright side and expend my anger out on the roads.

I choose the latter.

At least i can see an improvement – i have gone from a 3-demerit point offense to a 1-demerit point one. Maybe this is one of the many signs i am getting that perhaps i should drive even slower to save my life in the future. The point is, i am incredibly frustrated. Tomorrow, i start releasing my anger. Since the other drivers seem to get away with ridiculous speeds and behaviour, i will be the thorn in their sides, the stone in their shoes.

Tomorrow, i am going slow. Below the speed limit. Good luck overtaking guys, because i am not taking this shit anymore. I can’t claim my fines in taxes so you guys can boost the medical coffers by seeking psychiatric help for anger management because people like me are out to provoke you, by taking it slow.

Update: I think deep down it is a fear that maybe, just maybe i have an addiction to driving too fast without even realizing it. And the most frightening thing is that despite my best efforts to rein myself in, it is not working. I wonder whether this is how drug addicts feel.


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