I knew i got myself a serious sprain when i woke up with niggling pain and had to keep my arm flexed to relieve some of the pain. The next morning, i tested the range of movement on my right arm (my dominant arm i should add), and found that i could not fully extend or fully flex my arm without wincing in pain, and even pronating my arm was tender. I don’t have any meds in the house; don’t keep medications, never liked them, and i don’t take them anyway. The pain was not excruciating as long as i did not actively use my arm. I switched to relying on my left arm. I drove with my left hand, carried my bag with my left, and pass or receive anything with my less dominant arm. I think i have a Grade II sprain.

Anyway after ward rounds yesterday, i thought perhaps i should do something about my arm. I really do not want to aggravate my condition, plus i was obsessively testing sensation and capillary refill on my hand. I popped by the chemist and got myself an elbow support bandage and reluctantly bought an anti-inflammatory gel (skeptical if they work at all. They actually sell cold gels that have no other active ingredients but menthol, and so it makes one feels good but serves no other purpose) because the one i am using is expired (goes to show how long since i have sustained sports injuries). Putting on the support over my injured elbow was actually quite painful (over the medial epicondyle region) but after that it helped a lot. I was glad that it was not obvious that i was wearing a bandage under my long-sleeved shirt. I think i need to wear dark coloured clothes for the next few days.

In addition, i attended my first musical performed by a professional company last night. It was a popular musical (not revealing the name for fear of disclosing my location – i did a Google search to try it out first, ha!). A group of us attended. My housemate and i really enjoyed the visual display and dance; there was even a segment of tap dancing! We were also very impressed that the dancers could sing and dance without any pauses or breaks. The rest of the group did not seem to enjoy it as much though. They felt it was random and the dancing was not in sync (although i thought that was done on purpose and certainly my housemate and i felt that if the dancers were coordinated, it would not have gone well with the theme). I really enjoyed myself. I have forgotten how much i like this sort of stuff – the last similar event (by a professional company) i attended was of a contemporary dance in 2007. I am going to buy the musical’s scores for flute. I forsee myself attending more of such events in the future.

The icing on the cake was that i got to sleep in this morning. I have been needing this break for a damn long time. It is a luxury to be able to catch up on my sleep and get ten hours in a row (although the damn budgies woke me up with their burst of incessant screeching early in the morning, why do they do that??). My arm also feels a little better though i don’t think i will be able to go for training tonight (that’s three weeks in a row that i cannot commit to a thrice weekly training regimen) for fear of aggravating my condition. I still need the use of my arm for a prospective career in surgery. Don’t want to end things prematurely.


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